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Hong Kong Cinema

Competition - PTU - 2003

24 Sep 07

To celebrate the UK DVD release of PTU by Third Window Films on 23rd July, we are offering one copy of the DVD in our exclusive competition. All you need to do is answer one simple question and enter your details

PTU Competition - click here


Third Window Films (UK Distibutor)

23 Sep 07

Third Window Films are a modern UK based label bringing a range of Eastern cinema to Western Audiences. To learn more about them, visit their website, and you can pick up some of their early titles on the cheap at amazon (under £6)

Third Window Films website - click here

Amazon Sale - click here


Review - The Young Hero of Shaolin - 1984

16 Sep 07

The Young Hero of Shaolin is the 1984 story of Fong Sai-yuk, the legendary Wu Shu master. The Young Hero of Shaolin is out to buy from Soulblade from 12 Aug 07

Paul reviews the Soulblade R2 PAL DVD

The Young Hero of Shaolin review - click here

ps. The Winner of our competition was John from Hebburn


DVD Review - Golgo 13 - 1977

07 Aug 07

What time is it? It's Chiba time...

Catch Sonny Chiba as a hitman in this late seventies manga adaptation. As ever, he's one cool customer, but this time he has a sniper rifle.

Ross takes a look at the Optimum Asia R2 disc (released 19 Sep 05)

Golgo 13 review - click here


DVD Review - The Protector (Jackie Chan) 1985

12 Jul 07

Following the success of his martial arts break-through in the late seventies, Jackie Chan crossed the pond to complete a number of movies - Cannonball Run 1 & 2, Battle Creek Brawl and The Protector. The latter of the four was the most convential movie and in some ways a prototype for his fantastic Police Story series.

Ross takes a look at the remastered HKL R2 disc (released 12 Mar 07)

The Protector review - click here


Competition Time - Dragon Tiger Gate and Duelist

09 Jul 07

Thank you to everyone who entered our recent double-header competition. Congratulations to the winners of each DVD - Keshav (Dragon Tiger Gate) and Joanna (The Duelist)


DVD Review - Dragon Tiger Gate - 2006

30 Jun 07

Sha Po Lang was the coolest HK action film for a good few years and director Wilson Yip and Donnie Yen collaborated again one year later to produce Dragon Tiger Gate. This manga inspired martial arts fest features many of Hong Kong's younger artists along with the wise old hands of Yuen Wah

Paul takes a look at the Showbox Entertainment R2 disc (released 25 Jun 07)

Dragon Tiger Gate review - click here


DVD Review - Memories of Murder - 2003

13 Jun 07

Few films can match the understated quality of Bong Joon-Ho's stylish work Memories of Murder. Lacking the fireworks of his recent hit, The Host, this tale manages to keep the viewer intrigued and enthralled to the end.

Ross takes a look at the Optimum Asia R2 PAL disc (released 24 Jan 05)

Memories of Murder review - click here


Cinematic Review - City of Violence (in cinemas 08 Jun 07)

07 Jun 07

City of Violence is the latest all-action offering by Ryoo Seung-hwan (Arahan, Crying Fist). Featuring a stellar cast, plenty of action and a top soundtrack, this Korean hit reaches selected UK cinemas on 8 Jun 07. Make sure you get a ticket!

For more info on the release and trailers go to the official website - click here

City of Violence review - click here


DVD Review - Shaolin Wooden Men (released Apr 07 by HKL)

03 Jun 07

Shaolin Wooden Men, has been released by Hong Kong Legends in Ultrabit format improving on a dodgy VHS transfer release from Eastern Heroes. The film is an early Jackie Chan offering before his Drunken Master success and it was the inspiration for the Tekken character Mokujin.

Ross reviews the HKL ultrabit edition (R2 PAL) released in April 07

Shaolin Wooden Men DVD review - click here


Film Preview - The City of Violence (in cinema 08 Jun 07)

14 May 07

The City Of Violence , the latest offering from the man who has been hailed as the Korean Tarantino, "Crying Fist" director Ryoo Seung-wan. This action-packed epic will be unleashed on the UK on 8th June 2007. Starring Ryo Seung-wan and Jung Doo-hong (both Arahan and Crying Fist), this is the latest Korean release from Contender Entertainment to get a cinematic release across the UK.

Trailers - Low Res - High Res


DVD Review - Can you face the latest Korean swordplay? - Duelist (2005)

14 May 07

Hooray - we are back after a six week hiatus! What better way to get back into the swing of things than by looking at the latest release from Contender - Lee Myung-se's Duelist (2005). There is plenty of action and stylised drama in this impressive Korean release

Ross reviews the Region 2 DVD from Contender / HKL (out on 2nd July 07)

Duelist DVD review - click here

DVD Review - Trying to Escape the Iron Boat Gang? - The Avenging Eagle(1978)
26 Mar 07

Ti Lung and Fu Sheng star in this frenetic kung fu extravaganza from the famous Shaw Brothers studios. Released during the martial arts boom of the late seventies, this has always managed to stay on the radar as a popular title. For director Sun Chung, this was probably his finest hour.

Paul reviews the remastered Region 3 DVD from Celestial (IVL)

The Avenging Eagle DVD review - click here

News - Shaw Brothers at the NFT - London
23 Mar 07

The NFT are running the second season on Heroic Grace (Chinese Martial Arts) at the NFT in London this April following the first programme in 2004.

The end of the programme is plagued by some unnecessary Jackie (Police Story), Jet Li (OUATIC) and Bruce Lee (Way of the Dragon, Fist of Fury), the remainder are from the remastered Celestial catalogue - including such classics as Legendary Weapons of China, King Boxer, My Young Auntie and The Five Venoms!

Heroic Grace 2 (5th - 29th April) - NFT - click here

DVD Review - Enjoy Speed without enduring Keanu - The Bullet Train (1975)
22 Mar 07

Speed was a great action movie, but the premise of the speeding bomb laden vehicle had already been covered in the Japanese hit The Bullet Train (1975).

Optimum have probably over-played the Sonny Chiba card when marketing this movie, but even without Sonny Chiba kicking henchmen ass, there is enough here to warrant a viewing.

Ross reviews the 2005 Optimum R2 DVD

The Bullet Train DVD review - click here

DVD Review - Angels 2 (starring Moon Lee and Alex Fong)
26 Feb 07

The femme fatale action genre is littered with many noteworthy entries over the past few decades; Heroic Trio, Charlie's Angels, Lara Croft and of course Barbed Wire!

But rewind a few more years and bullets and babes were emerging as an edgy genre. Angels 2 is a sequel of sorts promising plenty of bullets and erm... babes!

Ross dusts down his mid-nineties MIA VHS

Angels 2 (PAL VHS) review - click here

DVD Review - My Wife is a Gangster (released Feb 2007)
21 Feb 07

Sorry for those troubled by the recent hacking! Things should be back to normal now. If I ever get my hands on those pesky hackers, why I oughta...

Contender have Korea's, My Wife is a Gangster, as their latest title after it spent a couple of years picking up dust on their shelves. A blend of comedy, romance and action, this film has something for everyone!

Paul takes a look at the Contender R2 DVD - out Feb 07

My Wife is a Gangster Disc DVD review - click here

Dragon's Den Film Festival This Weekend (Sat 24th Feb - Birmingham UK)
20 Feb 07

Venue -  AMC Cinema, Birmingham, U.K.

The line-up has been confirmed as: Invincible Armour, Kampfansage - Der letzte Schüler, Mystery of Chess Boxing, Contour and Drunken Master 2

More Details! - Click Here

DVD Review - Getting Any?
03 Feb 07

Getting Any?

Well are you?...If not, perhaps check out Takeshi Kitano's Getting Any? A bizarre look at one man's attempt to 'get some'...

Ross takes a look at the Artsmagic R2 Disc (Apr 2004)

Getting Any? Disc DVD review - click here

DVD Review - Optimum Asia give the double-disc treatment to Kurosawa's Ran
29 Jan 07

Ran - Akira Kurosawa, the greatest director in Japanese cinema, did much in his long and celebrated career. In the latter part he developed a taste for epic productions and no film better epitomises this than Ran (1985). Be amazed by the scale and grandeur as events unfold in Kurosawa's famous tragedy.

Paul takes a look at the Optimum R2 Double Disc edition (released 20 Nov 2006)

Ran Double Disc DVD review - click here

Movie Preview - The Drummer
28 Jan 07

Kenneth Bi's blogs on the making of his latest film, "The Drummer". The most recent one is on working with Lee Sinje (aka Angelica Lee, Lee Sum Kit; "The Eye", "Re-Cycle", "20:30:40"), which includes a short blog on her drum training sessions.

The Drummer Blog - click here

The Drummer Official Site - click here

Review / Interview- New Police Story (2004) - on DVD 5th Feb 2007
21 Jan 07

Jackie is Back!!! - After some poor showings in Hollywood, Jackie Chan returned in 2004 with one of his strongest movies for nearly a decade. His performance is a far cry from his normal comedy roles and there's plenty of action thrown in the mix. We have reviewed the HKL disc and also have an interview with the man himself!

Jackie Chan interview (on New Police Story) - click here

New Police Story DVD review - click here (released 5th Feb 2007)

Getting Hitched - and off to Hong Kong
15 Jan 07

For those of you that haven't heard, I got married in December 2006 and then had the pleasure of honeymooning in Hong Kong and Mauritius for two weeks. Seeing as it is vaguely relevant I published a short travel journal of my time in Hong Kong.

Happy New Year to everyone and all the best for 2007!!!

Paul Does Hong Kong - click here

DVD release - Hand of Death - Ultrabit - Hong Kong Legends (15 Jan 07)
14 Jan 07

Imagine a film with Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, Yuen Biao and Dorian Tan that has been directed by John Woo!!! Well it did happen in 1976 with Golden Harvest's Hand of Death (aka Countdown in Kung Fu) - Although it was a few more years before any of them really established themselves as stars.

Ross reviews the HKL 'Ultrabit' disc - released 15 Jan 07

Hand of Death DVD review - click here

DVD release - Fearless Hyena - Ultrabit - Hong Kong Legends (29 Jan 07)
11 Jan 07

By 1979 Jackie Chan was a household name and any outing would generate box office interest. Jackie was still contractually bound to producer Lo Wei and in 1979 he starred in and directed Fearless Hyena. One of his more irreverent titles, this blend slapstick, kung fu and more in a frantic 90 minute dose!

Ross reviews the HKL 'Ultrabit' disc - released 29 Jan 07

Fearless Hyena DVD review - click here

DVD release - Big Boss - Platinum Edition from Hong Kong Legends (23 Oct 06)
19 Dec 06

Bruce Lee's first martial arts movie was ground-breaking in many senses and has dated extremely well. Hong Kong Legends first released an impressive single-disc edition in 2000, but have now come back with an exceptional 2 disc platinum edition. This is definitely one for the Christmas stocking!

Ross reviews the HKL 2 disc edition - released 23 Oct 2006

Big Boss DVD review - click here

DVD release - Butterfly and Sword - UK disc
09 Dec 06

Before Crouching Tiger at the turn of the century there were many period martial arts movies delivered in the early nineties. Made in 1993, Butterfly and Sword stars Michelle Yeoh, Tony Leung and Donnie Yen. Sadly this film punches well beneath its weight and the disc is little to get excited about.

Paul takes a look at the budget MIA disc released in the UK

Butterfly and Sword DVD review - click here

DVD release - Martial Club - Shaw Brothers DVD
05 Dec 06

Lau Kar Leung directed several successful Shaw Brothers films starring Gordon Liu. His 1981 effort, Martial Club, contains one of kung fu cinema's most memorable exchanges ever! Gordon Liu and Johnny Wang Lung Wei square up in a decidedly narrow alleyway.

Paul takes a look at the beautifully remastered R3 Celestial disc.

Martial Club DVD review - click here

DVD release - Ring Girls - Released 02 Oct 2006
17 Nov 06

Ring Girls will normally be associated with hugely worthwhile sports such as Foxy Boxing and Gravy Fights, but this 'movie / documentary' follows five genuine Muay Thai fighters traveling from Las Vegas to Thailand to prove their worth!

Ross takes a look at the just released Showbox DVD (region 2) - 02 Oct 2006

Ring Girls DVD review - click here

DVD release - Kekexili - Mountain Patrol
01 Nov 06

You may not be able to pronounce the title, but who cares when you have a film of such beauty on your hands. After a stuttering international release, Sony have come out with an acceptable Region 2 release. This will become a little gem in many people's DVD collection over the years.

Ross takes a look at the Sony R2 disc from Dec 2005

Kekexili DVD review - click here

DVD release - Warrior King (Tom Yum Goong) - UK release 30 Oct 06
30 Oct 06

They say that a follow-up to a debut success is a lot harder...

Well Tony Jaa's follow-up to the international hit Ong-Bak is harder, faster, bloodier and angrier than the original!

Ross takes a look at Contender's Warrior King R2 double-disc - out on 30 Oct 06

Warrior King review - click here

Review / Interview- New Police Story (2004) - in UK cinemas from 13th Oct
08 Oct 06

Jackie is Back!!!

After some poor showings in Hollywood, Jackie Chan returned in 2004 with one of his strongest movies for nearly a decade. His performance is a far cry from his normal comedy roles and there is plenty of action thrown in the mix. We have previewed the feature and also have an interview with the man himself!

Jackie Chan interview (on New Police Story) - click here

New Police Story cinematic review - click here (released 13th Oct)

DVD Review - Ju-on: The Grudge 2 (2003) - 9th Oct 2006
03 Oct 06

The Grudge series has become an international franchise. In terms of exposure for Japanese horror cinema it sits only behind The Ring. With gore and scares this is another film that should be avoided by the faint hearted.

This Premier Asia disc is available across the UK from Monday 9th Oct 06

Ju-on: The Grudge 2 DVD review - click here

DVD Review - District 13 (2004) - 09 Oct 06
01 Oct 06

After a strong showing nationwide in UK and US cinemas this summer, District 13 comes to DVD from Momentum Pictures in the UK. This single disc release is packed with extras and includes both French and English audio options (which is not always the case for Momentum releases) - District 13 Official Website

This disc is available across the UK from Monday 9th Oct 06

District 13 DVD review - click here

DVD Review - One for the Weekend - A Better Tomorrow 2 (1987) - 11 Sept 06
22 Sep 2006

A Better Tomorrow left an indelible mark on the face of Hong Kong action cinema in 1986. To build on its success Tsui Hark and John Woo launched immediately into filming the sequel in 1987.

If you can forgive some dodgy plot devices, this is a top notch action film.

We look at the Hong Kong Legends release this month - 11 Sept 06

A Better Tomorrow 2 DVD review - click here

DVD Review - One for the Weekend - Sky Blue (2003)
14 Sep 2006

Sky Blue is an 'international' version of the epic Korean animation Wonderful Days. Featuring classic themes of ecological disasters and the all-powerful ruling elite, Sky Blue delivers a visual feast to the viewer.

Ross takes a look at Tartan 2 Disc release from November 2005

Sky Blue DVD review - click here

DVD Review - Tsui Hark's The Blade (1995)
06 Sep 2006

Tsui Hark's The Blade is a remake of Chang Cheh's towering masterpiece; The One Armed Swordsman. Featuring Chiu Man-Cheuk as the crippled hero, he has to face his demons after losing his arm and discovering who murdered his father.

This mid-nineties production gets budget treatment from the 2000 MIA disc.

Tsui Hark's The Blade review - click here

DVD Review - Hapkido (released 28 Aug 2006)
04 Sep 2006

Released in the same year as Fist of Fury and Way of the Dragon, Hapkido was another decent offering from Golden Harvest in 1972. Providing roles for fledgling actors such as Sammo Hung, Carter Wong and Angela Mao, this film provides some of the best fighting of the early seventies.

A film made four decades ago has been superbly restored by Hong Kong Legends

Hapkido review - click here

The one you've been waiting for - SHA PO LANG!!!
01 Sep 2006

The film that dominated all the hype on the HK action movie scene in 2005 was Sha Po Lang. A blend of new and old, this was Donnie Yen dragging the action movie genre into the 21st century. This will appeal to fans of taught crime dramas like Infernal Affairs and those who like some quality kung fu action built into the story.

We are awaiting a UK cinema / DVD release for the movie, but many fans will sort themselves out with the Region 3 disc (click here for Region 3 DVD retailers)

Sha Po Lang review - click here