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This page will explain why this site exists and also some general guidelines on our policy regarding links, advertising, reviews and any other opportunities:

Why does Hong Kong Cinema exist? - About Us

How can we contact you?

Simple - webmaster@hkcinema.co.uk

Do we take Advertising?

Paid Advertising - Hong Kong Cinema does not accept any paid advertising to host links, affiliates banners, cost per click buttons or anything else. Please do not contact us to request any form of paid advertising, we are an independent site and will remain this way.

Relevant Promotional Advertising - We will always be happy to put up reasonable amounts of links and banners that offer useful content on our homepage (e.g. a trailer site, a DVD sale, exclusive interviews, upcoming DVD information). Please send through the content and proposed graphics to the site email address.

Will Hong Kong Cinema review our movie?

We are keen to review a reasonable number of Asian market films from any major distributor. We have recently expanded beyond strictly Hong Kong movies and will consider most Asian movies or anything relevant to martial arts / action cinema.

If you would like our postal address or would like to discuss further then please contact us by email.

Will Hong Kong Cinema put up our link?

We are happy to put any relevant links in our link section or shopping guide if we believe them to be useful to our users. If appropriate, we would expect the Hong Kong Cinema link to be displayed on your site.

Will Hong Kong Cinema do any other promotions?

We are always happy to discuss new ideas that will benefit our users such as competition pages and mini-portals. Please contact us to discuss further.

Can I contribute to Hong Kong Cinema?

Always send on useful information and links which can be updated on the homepage. I will continue to write all new reviews and content for the site - but if you are a keen reviewer why not set up your own site!

How was this built?

I use Dreamweaver for the development, Fireworks for image manipulation and WinDVD for screen capture

Who hosts the site?

34sp host the site and come highly recommended for people new to website hosting - good prices and support


How much traffic does Hong Kong Cinema get?

Normally around 120,000 unique users per year - but you can check yourself -