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Competition Time!!!
26 Apr 2006

Momentum Asia are offering a bumper prize to Celebrate the release of Samurai Commando on the 15th May. The winner will receive a DVD goody bag featuring recent Momentum titles; Samurai Commando Divergence, Born to Fight, The Bodyguard, Silverhawk. Two runners up will receive a copy of Samurai Commando. To enter, just click to our competition page and answer one simple question! Good Luck! (UK entrants only)

Samurai Commando Competition Page - click here

Preview - Samurai Commando (15th May)
25 Apr 2006

Coming soon to the DVD market is Samurai Commando. Finally it's the battle we've all been waiting for as an army of tanks and helicopter gunships travel back in time to take on Samurai warriors for the mother of all battles in the deliriously enjoyable Japanese sci-fi action blockbuster Samurai Commando, out 15th May from Momentum Asia and yes it's a remake of the Sonny Chiba classic!!!

Samurai Commando: Trailer 1 - Trailer 2 - Trailer 3

DVD Review - The Secret of the Shaolin Poles (released 24 Apr 2006)
24 Apr 2006

Today sees a new title coming from the fledgling UK label 55th Chamber. The Secret of Shaolin Poles features several big-ticket names including Yasuaki Kurata and Meng Fei. Ross reviews this budget title based on the legend of Fong Sai-Yuk.

The Secret of the Shaolin Poles review - click here

DVD Review - Snuff Bottle Connection (released 01 May 2006)
14 Apr 2006

Snuff Bottle Connection starred two of the all-time great super-kickers; Hwang Jang Lee and John Liu. To make it even more exciting, it was choreographed by the legendary Yuen Woo Ping! Read on to see our preview for Soulblade'sforthcoming release of this classic old-skool martial arts titles

Snuff Bottle Connection review - click here

Snuff Bottle Connection
DVD Review - Gojoe (released 10th April)
09 Apr 2006

Samurai films are as much a staple of Japanese cinema as Westerns are to Hollywood. Despite their popularity peaking decades ago, the samurai pics never went away, with modern examples including When the Last Sword is Drawn, Gohatto, Kitano's Zatoichi remake and the Oscar nominated Twilight Samurai. To see what Ross thought of Optimum Asia's latest release. Gojoe, check out his latest review

Gojoe review - click here

DVD Review - Once Upon A Time in High School (released April 17th)
06 Apr 2006

Korea continues to churn out some great movies and the major UK labels are certainly starting to take note. Following in the recent wave of Korean releases comes Ha Yu's Once Upon a Time in High School. Billed as a film that invokes the Spirit of Bruce Lee, we examine whether this latest title from Premier Asia is as deadly as the legend Bruce himself!

Once Upon A Time in High School review - click here

DVD Review - Seoul Raiders
02 Apr 2006

Tony Leung is now one of the most bankable names in Hong Kong Cinema thanks to his recent effors in Hero, Infernal Affairs and 2046. In Seoul Raiders, Tony spearheads a semi-sequel to Ekin Chen's Tokyo Raiders under the eccentric helm of director Jingle Ma. Find out what Ross thinks about this recent Hong Kong Legends release!

Seoul Raiders review - click here

Theatrical Review - Initial D: Driftracer
27 Mar 06

Initial D: Driftracer did nothing short of annihilate the HK box office in 2005, setting new records for openings and picking up several awards at the HK Film Awards later in the year. This title is now getting a theatrical release in the UK on April 28 2006, courtesy of the Contender Entertainment Group

Initial D: Driftracer review - click here

Initial D: Driftracer
DVD Review - Grave of Fireflies
26 Mar 06

Studio Ghibli has achieved a new level of international acclaim with hit releases Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle. We now look back at some of the staggering late eighties work that has been recently released in the UK. Grave of Fireflies is one of the most moving and powerful anime productions from Studio Ghibli and it has been given a superb double-disc treatment from Optimum

Grave of Fireflies review - click here

DVD Review - Crying Fist from Premier Asia
24 Mar 06

Korea has been a hot market for new stars and international hits in the last few years. The likes of Old Boy and Brotherhood have put the Korean film industry firmly on the map. Ross Taylor has a look at the forthcoming double disc DVD of Crying Fist on the Premier Asia label

Crying Fist Review - click here

Crying Fist
New DVD label hits the UK!!!
20 Mar 06


Established independent distributor of "old school" martial arts movies, Soulblade Distribution, has joined forces with the UK's premier distributor of budget DVDs, Prism Leisure, to create a brand new DVD label 55TH CHAMBER. Launching in April 2006, 55TH CHAMBER will be dedicated to releasing the very best of Hong Kong's old school martial arts films, all retailing at the fan-and collector-friendly price of £7.99.

The first three films, to be released on 24th April, will be Sam Cheung's violent historical epic DEATH DUEL OF KUNG FU (starring Wong Tao, Han Ying and Liu Chung-Liang), Lau Kar-leung's martial arts actioner PRODIGAL BOXER 2: SECRET OF SHAOLIN POLES (starring Meng Fei, Delon Tam and Shoji Karada) and Lu Po Tu's comedy adventure MY KUNG FU 12 KICKS (starring Bruce Leung and Guk Fung).

The stars of the hugely popular "Secret Rivals" - Wong Tao and Liu Chung-Liang - are reunited in DEATH DUEL OF KUNG FU as a pair of Ming patriots fighting to prevent the Ching army from crossing the Formosa Straits to attack what remains of the defeated Ming forces. Boasting a series of ferocious and terrifically choreographed fight sequences, the film is an action-packed showcase for two of the most skilled martial artists proponents in Hong Kong cinema.

PRODIGAL BOXER 2: SECRET OF SHAOLIN POLES stars Meng Fei as the legendary Chinese folk hero, Fong Sai Yuk, who is forced to take on a variety of assassins hired by a ruthless governor to avenge Yuk's killing of one of his men. A cult favourite amongst martial arts fans, it features some of the most breathtaking shaolin pole fighting ever committed to film.

Another cult classic, the Jackie Chan-style action-comedy MY KUNG FU 12 KICKS stars Shaw Brothers veteran Bruce Leung as a lowly pickpocket compelled to learn a secret new form of kung fu in order to avenge the murder of his girlfriend. Placing the star's incredible acrobatic fighting skills to the fore, MY KUNG FU 12 KICKS is regarded as one of the best films of Leung's career.

Following the April launch, 55TH CHAMBER will then release three DVD titles per month with future highlights to include, ATTACK OF THE JOYFUL GODDESS (22nd May), DRAGON LEE'S WAYS OF KUNG FU (19th June), ARHAT'S IN FURY (19th June) and MAR'S VILLA (17th July).

Announcing the launch Dharmesh Patel, managing director of Soulblade Distribution, said, "We have a strong product range and have access to hundreds of Modern Hong Kong Cinema titles; 55th Chamber has a clear plan for the next three years at least."

Prism's Marketing Director Adrian Turner added "We are delighted to be working so closely with Soulblade on this great selection of landmark Martial Arts classics throughout the Summer and beyond. These titles tap perfectly into the ongoing obsession with cult Asian cinema, and perfectly complement Prism's existing ranges of full-price and budget DVDs."

DVD Review - Stephen Chow's King of Beggars
13 Mar 06

Forget all the other Hong Kong superstars combined - Stephen Chow once had a complete monopoly on the Hong Kong box office. In 1992 he was in all the top five grossing films of the year! King of Beggars was one of these movies, featuring him as a likeable rogue with the ever dependable Ng Man-tat in support.

King of Beggars Review - click here

King of Beggars
DVD Review - Takashi Miike's Agitator
13 Mar 06

Miike's place in cinema's Hall of Fame is already guaranteed. He has managed to entertain, dazzle and shock millions of viewers with his uncompromising and unique style. Ross takes a look at one of his more accomplished titles, Agitator, which is available in the UK on the Tartan label

Agitator Review - click here

More Top 10s
12 Mar 06

We have had several more additions to the Top 10 section - this gets more and more popular. Seems that the likes of Tony Jaa are already immortalised in the eyes of many!

Hong Kong Cinema Top 10s - click here

The Bodyguard - DVD Review
04 Mar 06

If you enjoyed Ong-Bak or Born to Fight, it may be worth hunting down The Bodyguard. Featuring the now familiar faces on the Thai action movie scene, and a cameo performance from Tony Jaa, this recent release from Momentum gets reviewed by Ross.

The Bodyguard (Momentum) review - click here

Bride with White Hair - DVD Review
27 Feb 06

A big welcome to Ross Taylor, who has just started contributing to HKCinema. His debut review provides the low-down on Ronny Yu's iconic The Bride with White Hair. Featuring Brigitte Lin and Leslie Cheung, this dark fantasy epic has remained a favourite for critics and moviegoers since its release over a decade ago.

Bride with White Hair (Tartan) review - click here

Bride with White Hair
Seven Swords of Mount Tien (A Film by Tsui Hark)
24 Feb 06

Tsui Hark returns to the world of wuxia (swordplay) with the much hyped 'Seven Swords' in 2006. With an illustrious career (Zu, Once Upon a Time in China, Swordsman) any big budget Tsui Hark film will come burdened with expectation. This only increases further when you add Donnie Yen and Lau Kar Leung to the cast-list!

Sadly, Seven Swords is far from a classic. To find out why - read the HKCinema review - click here

Seven Swords
Lady Vengeance (Sympathy for)
20 Feb 06

(Sympathy for) Lady Vengeance has been on release for 10 days now! I assume most of you have seen it.

For those who have not yet been and are wavering, check out this teaser trailer for another quality title from Korea - click here

From the director Park Chan-wook (Sympathy for Mr Vengeance, Old Boy), this represents the final chapter in his 'Revenge' trilogy

Happy New Year to Everyone!!!

After two months of moving home and having no broadband - we are back online!

2006 will be an exciting new year for Hong Kong Cinema. Plenty of new reviews, articles and additional content. Plus there will be loads of new Hong Kong action available to fans of the genre - including more Celestial, Tai Seng and HKL discs and several notable UK cinematic releases (Jackie Chan's The Myth and New Police Story, Seven Swords, Sha Po Lang etc etc).

Keep coming back for updates, competitions and much more!

"You think you can defeat me? Well in that case, you must be tired of living!"

14 Feb 06

The World's most extreme movie magazine is back with it's mind-numbing mix of 'Adult's Only' Martial Arts, Action, Horror, Anime and Cult Exploitation flicks!!

This issue features exclusive interviews with the legendary icon John Saxon, Hollywood's best kept secret Raz Adoti from Doom, martial arts director 'The Vampire Assassin' Ron Hall, controversial Thai director Ekachai Uekrongtham, Tartan Films big boss Hamish McAlpine, and the UK's top porn star Janie!! Plus amazing articles on the infamous Fantom Kiler, the immortal Bruce Lee, Lone Wolf And Cub, Phantasm, The Jackhammer Massacre, Hentai Anime, and a first-look news report on the most controversial vampire movie of all time, Sex, Blood And Rock 'n' Roll!!

Vengeance - The X-Treme Movie Magazine is in the shops now... don't miss your regular prescription of sex, violence and bloodshed!! For further information visit the official website at

Shaw Brothers DVD coming to the US
04 Dec 05

At last - Remastered Shaw Brothers movies coming on Region 1 to the US. This will be of great interest to anyone who hasn't already picked up these films on import!

Sadly these are not any from the original set bought by Miramax in 2003, but rather 30 additional titles acquired by Image Entertainment for release in April 2006 onwards

to read more about this development - click here

Night Driver is released on DVD
04 Dec 05

Ara Paiaya continues his recently trail-blazing form on the UK indie action scene with Night Driver.

Featuring a homage vehicle to KITT from Knightrider, this promises to be another action-fest from Paiaya films.

To view the trailer - click here

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