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Hong Kong Cinema

Click Here for the Shaw Brothers Release Schedule from Celestial 2004

RIP Anita Mui (1963 - 2003)


17/03/04 - Iceman Cometh - 1989

- Review of classic Yuen Brothers movie by director Clarence Fok - Iceman Cometh

13/03/2004 - Shaw Brothers Release Schedule

There has been a significant change to the 2004 release schedule, with 18 films being dropped from the schedule - Release Schedule 2004

Fortunately most are Drama, with The Duel being the only Martial Arts film to go into 2005.

Saw Infernal Affairs this week and yes it is as good as the hype

Now on General Release across the UK -

29/01/04 - Site Update:

DVD Codes and NTSC / PAL explained (update) - Click Here

Shaw Brothers Release Schedule 2004 - Click Here

Upcoming DVD Releases 2004 - Click Here

27/01/04 - Celestial Meets Chemical Brothers (from Celestial Website)

Two Champions Of Shoalin has gone funky, with the help of the Chemical Brothers, the UK's hippest dance band, who have edited a montage of clips from the movie and added computer graphics, to create the music video for their latest smash hit Get Yourself High.

26/01/04 - First review of 2004

- The 1982 box office hit by Lau Kar Leung - Legendary Weapons of China

25/01/04 - DVD Sales !!!

Bensonsworld (UK) - Asian Extreme Cinema £9.99 - Click Here

Highlights include Hard Boiled, Bride With White Hair and Battle Royale

Hong Kong Legends (UK) - Three for £22 - Click Here

Titles include Magnificent Butcher, The Killer and Project A Part II

Hong Kong Legends (UK) - The Warrior, Bichumnoo and Ichi the Killer for £29.99 - Click Here (UK) - Martial Arts special offers- Click Here (erm.. not all are strictly martial arts!) (UK) - Manga titles from £5.99 - Click Here (inc. Ninja Scroll and Perfrect Blue) (UK) - Warrior titles from £5.99 - Click Here (inc. Zatoichi titles and Samurai Assassin)

CD-Wow (UK & US) - All Shaw Brothers titles at bargain prices - Click Here

DVD Empire (US) - 44 Martial Arts Bargains - Click Here

24/01/04 - Film News

New Police Story promises to be one of the great movies of 2004, with Jackie Chan going back to his roots as a fanatical Hong Kong cop. The film teams Jackie Chan again with Benny Chan (Who Am I?, Gen X Cops) and Daniel Wu (Purple Storm, 2000 AD). Very cool preview site.....

Trailer available here -

Precious Sword, Golden Hairpin will be the Columbia funded prequel to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. The film will reunite Michelle Yeoh, Chow Yun Fat and Ang Lee. This could certainly be an important movie for the latter two who have struggled for genuine success since CTHD. Neither Bulletproof Monk or The Hulk fared anywhere near as well as their studios would have liked in 2003.

Kung Fu Hustle - Yuen Woo Ping jumps on board for Kung Fu Hustle as Sammo returns to Hong Kong. The king of Hong Kong Comedy, Stephen Chow has recruited Yuen Woo Ping as action choreographer for the upcoming Kung Fu Hustle as Sammo Hung left the film set due to health issues. Rumours are rife that artistic differences actually led to the departure. Who better to replace one legendary choreographer? - Yuen Woo Ping has stepped in at short notice and filming has now finished for the comedy, set in 1940's Canton.

Silverhawk is the exciting new release from high kicking Bond girl Michelle Yeoh which premiered this month in Beijing. This futuristic action flick boasts the likes of up-and-coming director Jingle Ma (Tokyo Raiders and Hot War) another well deserved slot for Luke Goss after his performance in Blade 2.

Trailer available here - Official Site

Black Rose 3 (Rosenoire) is the new release by director Donnie Yen. This will be enjoying a Feb 2004 cinematic release. The film looks 'different' to say the least, but features the Twins, Teresa Mo and Hong Kong heart-throb Ekin Cheng.

Trailer now available - Click here - Official Site

Danny the Dog in 2004 will be another chance for Jet Li to release his first decent US film after teaming up with Morgan Freeman and Bob Hoskins. The omens are good with Yuen Woo Ping taking the helm as action director and Luc Beeson directing the movie. The only other decent time that Jet has done in the West was also working with Luc Beeson on Kiss of the Dragon.

Hero may be getting a limited theatrical release in North America in LA and NY, but there are now rumors that it may be released at the same time as Kill Bill Vol.2? Mira-Axe have never been far away from idiocy and ignorance when it comes to handling Asian movies, but surely even this is too much for them?

It now seems inevitable that Stephen Chow's superb Shaolin Soccer will not be enjoying a general release in North America courtesy of Mira-Axe. Speculation is that Miramax are reluctant to invest in the film as any success would be enjoyed by Sony, who have the rights for Kung Fu Hustle. A more likely scenario will be Miramax trying to cash in with Shaolin Soccer if Kung Fu Hustle does prove to be a box office hit.

Tsui Hark's new movie, Xanda sports a cast of real-life Sanda fighters. Much like Chang Cheh's Duel of Fists, the action promises to be a ring focused spectacle. Hark's contemporary work is aimed at a more direct and realistic experience, which will be a far cry from recent Wuxia epics.

- Trailers - Trailer 1- Trailer 2 - Trailer 3

Hong Kong Film Critic Society choice of 2003 (monkeypeaches)

Best picture: Infernal Affairs II

Best director: Johnny To (PTU)

Best screenwriter(s): Wai Ka-Fai, Yau Nai-Hoi, Au Kin-Yee, Yip Tin-Shing (Running On Karma)

Best actor: Andy Lau (Running On Karma)

Best actress: Cecilia Cheung (Running On Karma)


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20/01/04 - News Update

RIP Anita Mui - 1963 - 2003

Anita Mui passed away in the early hours of Tuesday morning on the 30th December 2003 after a battle with cervical cancer. Her funeral was held on 12th January, and was attended by thousands who wished to say goodbye to the 'Madonna of Asia'. It is a sad loss from world cinema, who has lost one of the most entertaining and versatile actresses of the modern era.

She received numerous accolades during her glittering career as both a pop sensation and actress. Her film career began in 1983 with The Sensational Pair, with her major critical breakthrough arriving in 1988 with Rouge alongside Leslie Cheung. With the help of Maggie Cheung and Michelle Yeoh, she shaped the role of women in action cinema forever with her performance as Tung, the Wonderwoman in Heroic Trio and The Executioners (1993).

International exposure came with her appearance alongside Jackie Chan in Rumble in the Bronx in 1995. Her most recent project was to be on Zhang Yimou's House of Flying Daggers before she withdrew through illness. Out of respect, the script has been modified so she is not to be replaced.

Moments that will always stick out for me include her stunning musical showpeice as Yang Luming in Mr. Canton and Lady Rose (Miracles) and her hilarious performance as Wong Fei Hung's mother in the seminal Drunken Master 2. Perhaps no two roles better captured her ability to shine with enthusiasm and put a smile on your face.

Anita Mui - Filmography HKMDB.COM


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