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January - March 2002

29/03/02 - Review for The Defender (Bodyguard from Beijing) starring Jet Li

- plus read the review to find out what a DDD is?

28/03/02 - A review for 1995's The Enforcer (My Father is a Hero) starring Jet Li -

22/03/02- A review for the first ever HKL disc - Mark Dacascos disappoints in Drive

21/03/02 - As it is the current hot topic (see 19/02/02), here is a statement from Miramax with regards to them cutting, dubbing and re-scoring Shaolin Soccer, plus renaming it Kung Fu Soccer:

Miramax spokesman says that all the changes on its films are made with the approval of the movies’ stars or directors. “Some of the changes were to update the film, some to streamline the film and some to clarify the narrative,” says the spokesman. “It was never to sanitize the project.”

20/03/02 - Added pics to Armour of God

HKL will be releasing both Snake in the Eagle's Shadow and Drunken Master as Platinum editions, that's right 2.35:1 prints!!! Updated the Upcoming section and there are few releases in the upcoming months apart from Duel (Ekin Cheng) in May. Plus Kiss the Dragon has a mid-May UK release.

Trailer for new Sammo Hung movie - Zu Warriors - http://www.apple.com/trailers/miramax/zu_warriors.html

Plus rumour has it that Highbinders will be getting an Xmas release date?

19/03/02 - New Shaw Brothers / Celestial Info - Hot off the press - Shaw Brothers News Page

12/03/02 - Review of Twin Warriors and new pics for Purple Storm

06/03/02 - 4 Classic HK Films have been reviewed:.....

19/02/02 - Petition against Disney altering and cutting HK releases for the American audience. HKCinema supports the petition as DVDs should be released in their original format (see HKL), as should all foreign releases. They should not be repackaged and Westernised as this dilutes their cultural content and trivialises the genre:

Website:- http://www.hkfilm.net/disney/

Petition:- http://www.petitiononline.com/warthkf/petition.html

18/02/02 - Highbinders website - http://highbinders.emg.com.hk/ - should be live in April.

11/02/02 - Re-updated the Upcoming Section - See 12/03/02 - Sees the first new release by US company VCI - Dragon Lives (on Bruce Lee), plus the new Columbia R1 Jackie Chan old school releases which may exceed the recent Eastern Heroes collection? Plus more Jackie and Jet in April on DVD. Loads of new Ground Zero stuff in Feb and March plus Avenging Fist (aka Fight Zone) is now available.

04/02/02 - I've got a few more UK cinema release dates including 'apparently' Shaolin Soccer - Stephen Chow, and Tuxedo. More reviews coming soon... Upcoming

24/01/02 - Review for the 1978 Jackie Chan classic Snake in the Eagle's Shadow

plus Celestial update

22/01/02 - Got the 2002-2003 web award!!! - looks pretty lame compared to last years, but I can't complain

19/01/02 - At Last! I have now got reviews for both Dragon Fist and Spiritual Kung Fu (from the new Eastern Heroes Jackie Chan Collection). The Spiritual Kung Fu review also compares the old print with the new re-mastered but cropped print in a Screen Comparison. And as promised, now we have pics for Invincible Pole Fighter.

11/01/02 - Sorry! I know there hasn't been much new on the site recently but I've had the most manic Xmas holiday period ever, in a bad way (lots of work). But, I am now through the worst and have some treats in store over the next few weeks. To make things look a bit nicer I've replaced the wack gifs which were on the navigation bar before and these new ones are a touch slicker. Come back within the week and some cool stuff will be up. Plus - I have updated the Upcoming section with some movies for the coming months, including Kung Pow: Enter the Fist (Hollywood piss-take of Kung Fu movies), but this will be removed if it turns out the be the sacrilegious bullshit that I expect it to be. No news yet on Highbinders

03/02/02 - We now have set up a NEWS ARCHIVE - to reduce the Homepage content

02/01/02 - DVD Movie Club - are doing HKL titles £15.99, free shipping www.dvdclub.ukf.net/hk%20legends.htm

01/01/02 - Happy New Year!!! - Looking back on last year I think it can be summed up by three words - Hong Kong Legends. They have changed the face of Hong Kong Cinema for the small screen. The year ahead promises more classic HKL releases, the Celestial Remastering of the Shaw Brother Library, and many more US releases by Xenon, Venoms Mob, Tai Seng and Ground Zero. Hopefully we'll have loads more reviews done in the new year and some other cool section being filled up. The Cinema (UK) will have Highbinders (Jackie), The One (Jet) and maybe a few more treats... Mouth watering to say the least...

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