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31/03/03 - Hong Kong Legends news: Further discs for 2003 will include Warriors Two, Full Contact and City on Fire (all very cool)

Saw Jet Li's latest action movie this weekend: Cradle 2 the Grave

27/03/03 - Industry News

Highbinders - blighted by delays and additional footage being required, has now been renamed 'The Medallion'. Should be an October US cinematic release

Jackie has now gone to Thailand to start working on his new project 80 Days Around The World, and he will also be joined by Sammo Hung who has been signed up for an acting role

Bad luck to Hero, as it failed to win an Oscar in the Best Foreign Language category. It seems that a limited release by Mirimax did not help the film

Among the new releases from Hong Kong Legends in the next few months, we will have The Swordsman. The flawed masterpiece is being given the treatment that it deserves by HKL -

(Megastar DVD review of Swordsman)

25/03/03 - 1983 saw Jackie Chan's response to an indifferent foray into the Amercian market - what did Hong Kong Cinema think of the Project A Platinum disc edition from Hong Kong Legends?

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21/03/03 - Upcoming Movies Bonanza!

Just updated the section - I cannot believe how many kung fu movies are coming out this year, and there are plenty more to come! Upcoming

Added DDDHouse to the Shopping Guide

I have also made a separate page for Shaw Brothers releases

Plus check out the Celestial website - up and running at last! -

08/03/03 - Shopping Guide and Links section smartened up

Plus ever wanted to know about DVD Regions and NTSC/PAL signals? - click here

07/03/03 - New reviews as promised (plus I have tidied up the Reviews Archive)

Jackie Chan's last great action movie? Who Am I?

Animal styles galore, Wilson Tong's Snake Deadly Act


Celestial Film Festival in the US:

"Hong Kong's Celestial Pictures has launched a traveling US film festival of Chinese martial arts films which kicked off in Los Angeles on Friday and will travel through universities and cinemas in 20 cities the country."

Read on -

26/02/03 - News (inc Shaw Brothers TV Channel)

Celestial are to launch a 24 hr Television channel in Malaysia and Brunei on 3rd March 2003. This will be rolled out to the rest of the world over the next 6 months - read more....

Kill Bill is now too long, due to Tarantino making so many scenes whilst on site. Possibly made into two separate films and to be released within 5 weeks of each other?

The next Celestial batch (released 27/02/03) is being pushed back a week:

6/03/03 - check out specs at

The Killer Snakes
The Twelve Golden Medaillons
The Bastard
Starlets For Sale
Family Light Affair

13/02/03 - Just some news - more film reviews soon

UK based DVD / VCD supplier -

Cheapest SHAW DVD (for UK users)? - CD WOW - Shaw Brothers

Word has it that Miramax will have the US distribution rights to the Shaw Brothers catalogue!

Celestial DVD - I now have a few copies and they are top quality discs. It seems that they are actually living up to the hype

Takeshi Kitano to play Zatoichi (Blind Swordsman) - filming this Spring

Gordon Liu has been asked by Tarantino to do extra scenes for Kill Bill

DVDMOD is dead - no new orders

- New Jet Li Film (opens Feb 28th US)

20/01/03 - Review of 2002 (an eagerly awaited look at the high's and low's of 2002)


  • Hong Kong Legends Fight Night (May 2002) - Saw re-mastered prints of Project A and Ninja in the Dragon's Den. A superb evening!
  • Hong Kong Film Festival (Summer 2002 - London). Had the chance to see Hard Boiled and Swordsman on the big screen, great festival
  • Both Blade 2 and The One were entertaining enough movies showing signs that Donnie Yen and Jet Li may be beginning to deliver in the mainstream Western markets


  • Petition against Disney (Feb 2002) began online to stop them butchering many Hong Kong treasures
  • Glad to get my hands on some Venoms Mob DVDs (Invincible Pole Fighter + Avenging Warriors of Shaolin) great bargain discs, but cannot wait for the real deal from Celestial
  • Home Vision did a great job in releasing the first batch of 17 Zatoichi films they have in the pipeline
  • CNX TV being launched on UK satellite has been a massive plus with a promising range of widescreen subtitled movies already showing
  • Credit must go to Hong Kong Legends who continue to set the standard for DVD editions across the world, across all genres. It also seems that Celestial have the money and potential to deliver on 18 months of feverish hype over the Shaw Brothers library


  • Credit must go to, HKFlix and Bensonsworld for their continued commitment to affordable and wide-ranging DVDs

Hopes for 2003

  • I have some hopes for Kill Bill and absolutely desperate to see the new Matrix films (for the Sci-Fi, not Keanu fighting)
  • I would guess my two highlights will be Shanghai Knights and Hero. Wild card will be Drunken Monkey; we will have to hope it is nearer DM2 than DM3!


  • Non-release in 2002 of Snake in the Eagle's Shadow and Drunken Master Platinum editions by Hong Kong Legends
  • The absolutely awful Eastern Heroes Jackie Chan collection, with little re-mastering, cropped images and dubbed only discs!
  • Highbinders yet to hit UK cinemas, severely delayed release
  • John Woo's US career seems to be in freefall with Windtalkers being panned by critics and avoided by the public


  • This year sadly witnessed the passing away of the legends Chang Cheh and Lo Lieh. We can only hope that Celestial will continue to distribute the films that made these two synonymous with Hong Kong cinema


CNX - the new top-notch Satellite channel has a website -

Kill Bill Trailer -

Hong Kong Legends - Fight Night 3 - 6th Feb 2003 in Bradford?

Showing Fist of Fury and Once Upon a Time in China - more...

UK Cinema dates - 25/04/01 - Shanghai Knights and 24/10/03 - Kill Bill


Region 1 Remastered Celestial Shaw Brothers DVDs in May 2003? - read more...

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