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April - June 2002

23/06/02- This weekend marks the death of the Legendary Director Chang Cheh (1933 - 2002).

Our thoughts are with his family.

For those unfamiliar with his contribution to Hong Kong Cinema, here is his filmography:

Chang Cheh on HKMDB

20/06/02 - Many people are wandering whether Crash / Ground Zero / Xenon are making legit DVDs or whether they are just large scale bootleggers: Go to the US Gov Copyright site and check: www.copyright.gov/records/cohm.html

It seems that most releases they have done still have existing copyrights out?

I have updated the Upcoming Section - Some cool releases and the usual Buena Vista / Disney cut - full-screen - redubbed stuff as well.

New Top 10 (Samurai Style) ...

11/06/02 - Celestial News

29/05/02 - More Top 10's are here - plus hopefully some more reviews soon!

28/05/02 - We now have Celestial Release Dates (erm... provisional dates of course!) - Shaw Brothers News Page

26/05/02 - It's Sammo time - 1980's Encounters of a Spooky Kind

Plus my favourite Shaw Brothers film: Shaolin Challenges Ninja aka Heroes of the East

25/05/02 - For more info on the independent film screenings mentioned yesterday, please contact: Darrenbleer@aol.com

24/05/02 - I was fortunate enough to go to the Hong Kong Legends "Fight Night" last night at the Prince Charles in Leicester Square. A double bill of remastered Project A and Ninja in the Dragon's Den was absolutely superb and will hopefully be done many more times. Congratulations to HKL for further innovation in the Asian Cinema market.

Plus there may be another independent event screening soon (from the organiser):

"Over the next few weeks, I'll be actually booking the cinema and in about two weeks, I'll be confirming the films. All will be Old School. I actually have a small list of prints I know I will be able to screen, but until I've confirmed everything, I don't want to tempt fate. It will be held in North London. It will be a series of double bills which, if successful will be leading to an all day event hopefully featuring special guests - I'm hoping to model the all dayer on the Venoms Convention that's being finalised in the US at the moment." - Watch this space...(or contact - Darrenbleer@aol.com)

Plus - thanks for all the Top 10's sent in so far, please keep sending more and it will try and post them as soon as I can!

Top 10 section

23/05/02 Celestial update - Shaw Brothers News Page

17/05/02 - The Top 10 section is now open for everyone to submit on. Please email webmaster@hkcinema.co.uk

Plus a minor Celestial update - Shaw Brothers News Page

14/05/02 - More Sammo on its way! His directorial debut: Iron Fisted Monk

13/05/02 - Some general news - Crash Cinema have launched their Quality Assurance Program (QAP) for future DVD releases. First three are out in June - Bloody Fists, Cantonen Iron Kung Fu, Incredible Kung Fu mission - more @ DVDCult

- For those who missed the Hong Kong Film awards - Shaolin Soccer (aka Kung Fu Soccer) had a great evening. More Here

-Competiton to go and see Project A in London on 23rd May (Hong Kong Legends) - www.hongkonglegends.co.uk

- HKL's Zu Warriors from the Magic Mountain (out later this month) will have Bey Logan and Tsui Hark audio commentary.

- Read on here for Jackie's diary whilst on-set for Shanghai Knights - Jackie's Diary

-Pictures for Jet Li's new film (and one of the most hyped films ever!): Hero www.jetli.com

- Some news on Liu Chia-Liang's most recent directorial project (since 1994's Drunken Master 3) - Drunken Monkey

"Drunken Monkey will not be relying on CGIs. It will showcase authentic kungfu and full-contact sparrings. Besides Wu Jing, it will also be featuring Liu Chia Liang's (Lau Kar Leung) brothers, Liu Chia Yung (Lau Kar Wing) and Gordon Liu Chia Hui (Lau Kar Fei), senior martial arts stars - Qi Guan-Jun and Zhang Zhen-Huan - and National Wushu Champion Li Hai-Tao. Its overseas distribution rights had already been sold even before the movie began production."

12/05/02 - Celestial Update - On the Distribution team: - the time to deliver is getting ever closer...

11/05/02 - Noticed anything?? The lack of content recently is due to the redesigning of the site. If you have suggestions of other improvements, or find any problems; please email - webmaster@hkcinema.co.uk

10/05/02- We now have a Guestbook for people to sign - Guestbook

10/05/02 - Sammo time! A look at an early Gar Bo offering: 1978's Dirty Tiger Crazy Frog -

09/05/02 - A review for 1980's Fists and Guts - Billed as 'Master Killer vs Five Fingers of Death!'

06/05/02 - We now have a new search box to help look about the site and please email us if there are any problems with it. Should have loads of reviews coming along, plus a few new sections.

23/04/02 - Shopping Section with UK and US sections!! Shopping Guide

13/04/02 - Project A will be released Platinum - 24/06/02

Tuxedo Trailer - www.countingdown.com/theater/trailers/detail/650492

12/04/02 - Celestial Releases are to include an English Dubbed audio track - Shaw Brothers News Page

Plus I've sorted out the News Archive - so it has some structure

09/04/02 - Email from Celestial on the Shaw Brothers News Page

Plus Ground Zero release schedule in Upcoming Section

08/04/02 - Celestial Pictures URL - http://www.celestialpictures.com.hk/ and Interview with Willaim Pfeiffer

7/04/02 - I saw Blade 2 yesterday and was highly entertained. It managed to be more gory, more action packed, more stylish and faster moving than the original. The plot has flaws but it was good to see Donnie Yen making his 'major' Hollywood debut. Good choreography and some brief but classy sword play leaves me with confidence that greater things lie ahead, as he will be starring in both Shanghai Knights (Jackie Chan) and Hero (Jet Li) in the next year. If things go well he may even get an Oscar one day, or better still ... he could be the bad guy in Lethal Weapon 5!!!

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