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28/09/03 - Vengeance Magazine - first edition out now - please site check for further info

19/08/03 - News and Reviews

An overlooked gem or a forgettable flop? - 1992's Scorpion King (Operation Scorpio)

DVD Club are no longer taking new orders - a big shame for a genuine attempt to get rare DVD imports to a loyal fanbase

7 July 2003 - The filming for Around the World in 80 Days has officially finished and should hit cinemas in 2004! Starring Steve Coogan and Jackie Chan

The Medallion with earnings averaging over HK$1 million per day, THE MEDALLION was the top movie at the Hong Kong box office this weekend. It knocked off FINDING NEMO -- the box office champion for the past month. (read on) plus an explanation on why the name was changed... US Release 22nd August 2003.

More bad news on the Miramax butchering and delayed release of Hero (read on)

Kill Bill will definitely be put in two parts with the second installment 2 - 6 months behind (read on)


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12/07/2003 - Celestial / Shaw Brothers DVD Review

Chor Yuen's 1977 wuxia classic Death Duel, featuring debutant Derek Yee

- Death Duel (1977)

01/07/03 - New Reviews

1996 saw the debut of Jacky Wu in Yuen Woo Ping's sequel to Tai Chi Master

- Tai Chi 2 (Tai Chi Boxer)

1982 saw the last great Chang Cheh movie featuring blood, gore, violence and pyjama clad Ninjas

- Chinese Super Ninja (Five Element Ninja)

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