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October - December 2001

24/12/01 - Happy Xmas to all!!

I hope those who have visited in the past couple of months have enjoyed the site. The next year should be great with loads of new reviews, news, star bios, styles, and feedback. Have a good New Year and take care (ahhhh). Paul

See 24/11/01- "It's now just a case of sitting back and waiting for the Web Design awards to roll in..." (see top left) - Look who's laughing now.. ho ho ho, chortle chortle...

19/12/01 - A few months ago video game producers Namco gave the go-ahead for Hong Kong legend Sammo Hung to direct a feature length live-adaptation of Namco's smash-hit video game "Soul Calibur".

The producers have asked fans around the world to send suggestions of actors and actress who they think should be cast in the movie "Soul Calibur". If you want Yuen Biao to star - sign this petition:


18/12/01 - Review of Fu-Sheng's classic final film - Invincible Pole Fighter (no pics yet!).

17/12/01 - Rumoured new movie?

Title: Curse of the Dragon....

Studio: New Line Cinema/Columbia Tristar
Starring:Jackie Chan{Det.Thomas Law}, Jet Li{Det.Inspector Lee Long}, Claire Danes{Amanda Waters}, Jason Scott Lee{Jason Chan/ Viper}, Steven Seagal{Det.Warren Justice}

Plot: A priceless jade Dragon is stolen from a museum in the U.S. and the F.B.I. has just received help in the form of an Inspector from Hong Kong. Little do they know, that The U.S. is also getting help from the Hong Kong Intelligence bureau. A conflict develops when one agent believes the other is the culprit, and when you have two super cops on the loose, and the chinese mafia out to get them, you can expect a whole lot of trouble.

14/12/01 - I've decided to review a Japanese movie, Takeshi Kitano's Brother

9/12/01 - The new Tekken based Movie with Sammo and Yuen may be called Avenging Fist rather than Fight Zone (20/11/01) - Here is a trailer preview link - Avenging Fist Movie Trailer - you don't need to install the language pack!

5/12/01 - Behold - The first of the three upcoming HK Cinema drinking games has now been unleashed on society. The Film Hero Drinking Game is a game that needs speed, craft, dexterity and probably some alcohol as well?

4/12/01 - Happy December to all!! - We now have an up and running links section!!!

26/11/01- I've got some more release dates for some R1 titles in early 2002 and slightly changed the Hong Kong Legends release schedule:- Upcoming Section

24/11/01 - I've set up a Shaw Brothers news page to keep people up to date with releases and the recent re-mastering project being carried out by Hong Kong Celestial Pictures (rock on Old Skool), rather than the current bootlegging going on in the US at the moment. There is also a text link on the left side margin!! It's now just a case of sitting back and waiting for the Web Design awards to roll in...

23/11/01 - Review for my all time favourite Hong Kong film - Drunken Master 2 Drunken Master 2

20/11/01 - Hong Kong Legends have got the rights to Fight Zone - (Tekken based plot) with Sammo Hung playing Heihachi and Yuen Biao playing Kazuya! Other notables include Stephen Fung (Hwoarang), Lee Hom-wang (Jin Kazama), Chin Kar-lok (Jack), Cecilia Yip Tong (Jun Kazama), Gigi Leung (Nina), Kristy Yang (Ling Xiaoyu), Ron Smoorenburg (Bryan Fury). The Movie hits HK cinemas Dec 2001.

19/11/01 - The Shopping Section is now complete. Hope you find it useful and any info / price updates you have, please send them to: webmaster@hkcinema.co.uk

18/11/01 - Review for Daniel Wu action movie Purple Storm (R2) DVD now up! Purple Storm

9/11/01 - Hong Kong Legends announce distribution deal for 17 Golden Princess Films:

The Killer, Bullet In The Head, A Better Tomorrow 2, A Better Tomorrow 3, Once A Thief, City On Fire, Prison on Fire, Prison on Fire 2, A Chinese Ghost Story, A Chinese Ghost Story 2, A Chinese Ghost Story 3, The Swordsman, City Wars, Peking Opera Blues, Triads: The Inside Story, The Big Heat, Tiger on the Beat.... (Rock on HKL)

08/11/01 - Three more reviews added:

6/11/01 Pedicab Driver Our first review!!! Featuring the 1990 Sammo Hung Classic - Pedicab Driver

News 25/08/01

Site Launch!!! and much celebration

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