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DVD Region Codes and NTSC / PAL

DVD Regional Coding:

DVD Region Code Map

Region 0
Plays on all regions
Region 1
US and Canada
Region 2
Europe, Japan, Middle East, Egypt, Greenland, South Africa
Region 3
Taiwan, Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong
Region 4
Australia, New Zealand, South America, Central America, Caribbean
Region 5
Russia, Eastern Europe, Africa, India, North Korea, Mongolia
Region 6
Region 7
Region 8
Special International Venues (Airplanes, Cruise Ships etc)

Most DVD players are locked to only play one DVD Region. There is an ever increasing demand to have the ability of playing multiple DVD regions to enjoy DVDs from all over the world. This can be acheived in several ways:

  • Purchase a multi-region DVD player - brands including Pioneer, JVC and Malata produce multi-region players
  • Have your DVD player chipped
  • Use a handset hack
  • Purchase a chipped remote control
  • Create a firmware CD to change regions

    For more information on what is available for your own DVD model - visit - WWW.DVDCODES.NET

*** Some of these solutions could lead to the DVD player being corrupted and your warranty being invalidated ***

Since the original region codes were used, there has now been a development. RCE (Regional Coding Enhancement) has been developed by the major film companies and it prevents Region 1 (US) DVDs playing on any Region-Free DVD players.

NTSC / PAL / Secam TV Signals:

(please check TV and DVD user manuals for more information)

  • NTSC (National Television Standards Committee) is a standard signal for North America, Japan, Philippines, Korean and parts of South America

  • Secam (Sequential Color Memory) is used primarily in France, Eastern Europe and Russia

  • PAL (Phase Alternating Line) is used everywhere else in the world, including the United Kingdom

What does this mean?

All DVDs are made either NTSC or PAL standard. To watch NTSC in a PAL region there are three options, either have a multi-system TV, a NTSC/PAL DVD player or a signal converter.

Most TVs in the US are NTSC only and therefore a NTSC/PAL DVD player / converter is required to watch PAL DVDs. This means that a simple 'Region-Free' player is not enough - it must also be able to convert the PAL signal

Many PAL TVs are capable of displaying a NTSC signal and therefore will not require a NTSC/PAL DVD player / converter to play a NTSC disc. A 'Region-Free' player should be adequate to play NTSC discs which do not have RCE