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October - December 2002

R.I.P - Lo Lieh (1939 - 2002)

The man known and loved as the King Boxer, Five Fingers of Death, Pai Mei and many other classic characters has passed away.

Our thoughts are with his family.


Review of the classic 1989 John Woo and Chow Yun Fat collaboration

The Killer


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!!!

As part of the ongoing tribute to Lo Lieh:

1979's Fist of the White Lotus

Plus an old Lo Lieh review from the archive:

Fists and Guts


Top 10 - loads of new submissions - thanks everyone - click here

12/12/02 - Site update:

Celestial release schedule in the Upcoming section.

Plus Celestial artwork in Shaw Brothers section. e.g

- Come Drink with Me

Drunken Monkey Trailer - Lau Kar Leung (Lui Chia-Liang) latest film

Put in a few new cinema releases in Upcoming section: including Shanghai Knights and Tuxedo

01/12/02 - CNX - Channel 244 on Sky Digital

This channel seems to be a mix of kung fu, snowboarding and new age animation. Films shown include Burning Paradise, First Option, Executioners, Heroic Trio and 2002. If you have any info on this channel please pass it on: will be folding this Xmas. A sad demise for online price comaprison and a few million down the gutter for Barclays

Still no US distributor for Celestial's remastered Shaw library. Currently the releases will be Region 3, PAL, subbed only (early releases) and some with commentaries from Bey Logan among others. more details to follow...

Shops that are taking orders include:

6/11/02 - Hong Kong Legends DVD Sale - £9.99 each

Shaw Bro section has more news - click here

Plus: Titanium Rain Kicks Off in June - 1 Nov. Jackie Chan is teaming up on a cross-cultural thriller with Stanley Tong, who directed the actor in "Supercop," "Rumble in the Bronx," and "Jackie Chan's First Strike." Their next project is "Titanium Rain," a $40 million film that begins shooting in June. Chan will play a guard of the Ming Dynasty who chases a samurai for 400 years. The movie will be shot in India, China and Hong Kong, with dialogue in English and Chinese. Tong also choreographed Chan's stunts. "I can push him past his limits," said Tong. "What people like about Jackie is that he's a superhuman being." - from -


A well needed Site Update:

Industry News:

Blackbelt TV - 24/7 Cable Kung Fu

Read on...

Hero: "Zhang Yimou's highly-anticipated $31m martial arts epic, Hero, has been selected as China's candidate for the best foreign-language Oscar."


My Lucky Stars has received 23 secs of cuts from the BBFC. Due to a car jacking scene and a rape threat. (compare 14/08/02 with 18/09/02)

10/10/02 - 4 - 16 PROD - The next big thing in Kung Fu Cinema??? This French Film company has done a short film, HK, and they have provided some links to download the trailer. I would recommend checking out the trailer if:
  • You liked Drive
  • You like Jet Li's work with Corey Yuen (e.g.Enforcer, Defender)
  • You liked Chow Yun Fat with a Shotgun
  • Choreographers = Enrico Horn (Kiss of the dragon) + Emmanuel Lanzi (The Touch)

Trailer 1(avi) or Trailer 1 (mpg)

Trailer 2 (avi) or Trailer 2 (mpg)

If links are not working, both trailers are avilable at

09/10/02 - Celestial Release Date!!! - 5th December 2002

New Sites - An Antipodean guide to HK Cinema:

01/10/02 - The Tale of Zatoichi Continues... literally!!!

Zatoichi 2: The Tale of Zatoichi Continues (1962)

UK fans: Channel 4 Tuesday 1/10/02 - Midnight = Thunderbolt (Jackie Chan) 1995. This film has still yet to recieve a UK release but nice one C4.

Apparently Jackie Chan will be playing Passepartout in the Paramount release of Around the World in Eighty Days, with Hugh Grant as Phileas Fogg! Release date is Autumn 2003

Crash Cinema are slashing their prices before Celestial put them out of business! Titles include Shaolin Master Killer, Avenging Warriors of Shaolin, Invincible Pole Fighter

Monkey Peaches reports two scenes previously dropped from the script of HIGHBINDERS will be shot next month in Hong Kong. There is no action involved in these scenes and one of them is about Jackie Chan and Lee Evans cooking in a kitchen. During the production ended six month ago, Jackie Chan, director Gordon Chan and action director Sammo Hung deleted the scenes to save money. However, SONY Pictures, the world-wide distributor of the movie (except Asia and France), thought these scenes were very important and has refused to accept it. The film's production studio, Hong Kong's Emperor Media Group, has decided to spend about US$ 2 million and three weeks to make the senses.

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