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July - September 2002

23/09/02 - New Film!!!! + Sales

In the ongoing tribute to the legend Chang Cheh here is another Venoms Mob classic:

Avenging Warriors of Shaolin (Shaolin Rescuers)

Sale section:

UK based DVD Club have done a redesign + 10% discount on all orders made by cheque, postal order or international money order (credit card orders exempt). - www.dvdclub.ukf.net

Sensasian are offering: An order of any 3 DVDs in this category will receive the Best Buy discount of US$3.00. This works in multiples of 3. So if a customer orders 6 DVDs, he/she will receive a US$6.00 discount.(ends 1st Oct) www.sensasian.com

Play.com are doing ANOTHER HKL sale - £8.99 - www.play.com


Eastern Heroes have joined forces with Ground Zero to bring some new titles to Region 1 DVD: (Artwork is available at dvdcult.com)


    Here is the link to AnimEigo (remastering the Lone Wolf and Cub series and some Zatoichi titles) www.animeigo.com

    Pleased to announce two more UK based Kung Fu related retailers:

  • Rare Kung Fu Movies - Out of print and extremely rare titles on various formats
  • Drunken Master - VCD and DVD imports from HK

    Good luck to both sites and happy shopping!

    Plus I've tidied the links section

01/09/02 - More Top 10's (Fights) and some more stuff on Celestial / Shaw

26/08/02 - Loads of news and links after a superb holiday!

Once again, thanks for the new Top 10's being submitted


The Transporter (Corey Yuen) - http://www.apple.com/trailers/fox/the_transporter/

Drunken Monkey (Liu Chia Liang) http://colourchina.com/monkey/video/film-1.wmv

Shanghai Knights (Jackie Chan) http://studio.go.com/movies/shanghaiknights/index2.html

Crash Recall - Many Crash DVD's are being recalled on Sept 1st (including Shaolin Master Killer, Avenging Warriors and Invincible Pole Fighter)

Shanghai Knights will be having a Feb 2003 release date. Highbinders may be May 2003 (US release), with an American and an Asian cut.

Rumour has it that Gordon Liu will be playing Pai Mei in Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill

Mirimax may delay the release of Hero until Autumn 2003. Film politics etc - http://www.monkeypeaches.com/0208M.html#020820B

Due to a disappointing cinematic run, John Woo's Windtalkers will not have any extras on the R1 DVD. http://www.dvdreview.com/news/pokenews.asp?news_id=5319

07/08/02 - More Top 10's - Keep submitting them!! - Top 10

HK Legends DVDs on sale:



02/08/02 - Jet Li promo site for the UK DVD release of The One:

Click to find out more about The One

Plus did anyone see the Hot, Cool and the Vicious on MTV UK last month? With a redubbed and rescored track featuring Cher, Moby, ABS and Tim Westwood! It was edited down to 45 mins (including ads) and was pretty good fun. I'm currently looking for any new info about more programs by MTV.

25/07/02 - After the success of the Hong Kong Film Festival at the ICA, London, I have reviewed another film I had the chance to see on the big screen:

John Woo's 1992 Hard Boiled

24/07/02 - HKL have announced there will be a second fight night! With screenings of The Killer and Young Master.

The HKL release of Avenging Fist will be a single disc, not platinum.

AnimeEigo will be remastering and releasing the Lone Wolf and Cub series this year.

It seems Jackie Chan's Tuxedo will now be a November 2002 UK release. This may push the Highbinders release into early 2003?

17/07/02 - Review for King Hu's 1990 work: Swordsman

Plus another Top 10 (keep them rolling in...)

14/07/02 - Home Vision have re-mastered 17 Zatoichi films in their Blind Swordsman series

Here is Episode 1: Zatoichi: The Tale of Zatoichi

*** Hong Kong Film Festival - at the ICA (near Charing Cross) for all UK fans. ***

This week includes Hard Boiled, Stormriders, Gorgeous and Swordsman


13/07/02 - In memory of Chang Cheh, here is the first of several Chang Cheh classics to be reviewed:

1979 Venoms Mob classic: The Kid with the Golden Arm


I am prepared occasionally to link to sales that are currently available for Hong Kong movies, so here are a few:

(P.S. I make no money out of links)

Blackstar.co.uk - Born Invincible and Young & Dangerous (DVD) - £3.99


Bensonsworld.co.uk - Many 'Butchered Vista' titles at £10.99


HKFLix.com Exclusive - Knockabout on DVD at $34.95


Sensasian - 3 DVD's for $17.99 (ends 14 July)


02/07/02 - New Top 10 is up, plus a few more links

Hopefully the site should look better for users with an 800x600 display. Let me know if there are any issues.


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