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Shaw Brothers DVD coming to the US

At last - Remastered Shaw Brothers movies coming on Region 1 to the US. This will be of great interest to anyone who hasn't already picked up these films on import!

Sadly these are not any from the original set bought by Miramax in 2003, but rather 30 additional titles acquired by Image Entertainment for release in April 2006 onwards

to read more about this development - click here

Night Driver is released on DVD

Ara Paiaya continues his recently trail-blazing form on the UK indie action scene with Night Driver.

Featuring a homage vehicle to KITT from Knightrider, this promises to be another action-fest from Paiaya films.

To view the trailer - click here

Unleashed Competition Winners

Thanks for everyone who entered the Unleashed competition - the winners were Jaz from the West Midlands, plus Thang and Phillip from London.

Please return for more DVD competitions in the future!!!

Unleashed - Jet Li
Unleashed Competition
14 Nov 05

To celebrate the DVD release in the UK of Unleashed on 21st November 2005 - Hong Kong Cinema have three DVD's to give away!

Unleashed tells the suspenseful story of Danny (Jet Li), an unrivalled martial arts expert enslaved by a vicious gangster (Hoskin) who uses him as a human attack dog to terrorize his victims. Morgan Freeman is Sam, a warm-hearted blind man who befriends Danny and tries to show him another side of life. But renouncing his old existence wont be easy for Danny, especially when his brutal former master unleashes an army of killers to track him down. Loaded with exciting bonus features, including extended versions of the fight scenes, making the documentary, music videos and extended out-takes Unleashed is a must-own DVD this winter.

Enter the 'Unleashed' competition - click here

Unleashed - Jet Li
Vengeance Halloween Special On Sale Now!!!
29 Oct 05

Vengeance - The X-Treme Movie Magazine is back with a shock-tastic Halloween Special featuring, 'Forest Of The Damned', 'Evilbreed - The Legend Of Samhain', Brain Damage Films, 'Angel Guts', Hardcore Hentai Anime, 'Tough Justice', and 'The Kung Fu Master'!! Plus, exclusive interviews with 'Vampire Assassin' star and director Ron Hall, 'Mortal Kombat' hero Robin Shou, Hong Kong stuntman Jude Poyer, Martial Arts Master Michael Worth and Britain's latest and greatest Adult movie star, 'Miyah'!

It's bursting with sex, violence, blood, guts and gore and it's on sale now!!! Vengeance - The X-Treme Movie Magazine Vol. 3 No.1 is a very special collector's edition!! For further information please visit

DVD Releases - Fist of Fury / Ghost in a Shell etc
25 Oct 05

Some exciting releases for all lovers of Asian cinema:

Ghost in a Shell - Stand Alone Complex - Manga - 14 Nov

Crying Fist - UK Theatrical Release - Contender - 9th Dec

Epic Action Collection (Iron Monkey, Wing Chun, Tai Chi Boxer) - HKL - 26th Dec

Fist of Fury - Platinum Edition - Hong Kong Legends - 9th Jan 2006

DVD Review - Appleseed
23 Oct 05

One of the best anime is recent years has just got the deluxe 2-disc treatment from Optimum Asia. Masamune Shirow's Appleseed combines cutting edge CGI with some breath-taking action.

The 2-disc special edition DVD is available from Sep 19 2005

Appleseed review - click here

DVD Review - Born to Fight
23 Oct 05

Hot on the heels of Ong-Bak comes the outrageous Born to Fight. Featuring an all-star cast of professional athletes and stuntmen, this offering from Panna Rittikrai continues to raise the bar for Thai action movies.

The Momentum Asia disc will be released on Oct 24 2005

Born to Fight review - click here

Competition Winners
18 Oct 05

Congratulations to Jeff from Devon for winning a copy of Momentum Asia's Silver Hawk, and Clementina of London for winning the Young & Dangerous trilogy box set

Silver Hawk - DVD Review
07 Oct 05

Michelle Yeoh's latest release in the UK hits the DVD shelves on Monday 26th September. Based on a Xiao Ping comic book, Silver Hawk features former bond girl Michelle Yeoh as the masked martial arts superhero. The support cast include Luke Goss and Michael Jai White. Direction comes from Jingle Ma (Tokyo Raides, Hot War) and the film features cutting edge CGI and Hong Kong stuntwork. The Momentum Asia DVD features a DTS / DD5.1 Cantonese audio with English subtitles, with several extras and a crisp anamorphic print

Silver Hawk DVD review - click here Silver Hawk DVD Competition - click here


Left for Dead: Press Release
05 Oct 05

'Left For Dead', the UK's first independently produced grindhouse martial arts action feature film, is now available to buy on Region 1 DVD through York Entertainment online at and numerous other online retailers.

Williams is an assassin betrayed and left for dead by his erstwhile colleagues. Kelso is a promising kick boxer whose career is tragically cut short. Together they must team up to take down the criminal empire that holds their city in a vice like grip. Kincaid thought they were dead. they were dead wrong.

The digital toast of Cannes 2004, 'Left For Dead' is directed by cult action director Ross Boyask and produced by Phil Hobden. The film stars Glenn Salvage ('The Silencer'; 'Take Three Girls'), Adam Chapman & Andy Prior and features Brendan Carr (star of the award winning 'Love Struck'), mixed martial arts sensation Jeremy 'Bad Boy' Bailey ('Hell To Pay') & Cecily Faye ('Hitchhikers Guide.') with action by Independent Stunts ('The Silencer'; 'Blood Myth') and Gordon Alexander ('The Purifiers'; Jackie Chan's 'Accidental Spy').

Other cast & crew credits include 'Sleepy Hollow', Ridley Scott's 'Gladiator', John Woo's 'A Better Tomorrow 2', 'House Of The Dead 2', 'Batman Begins', 'Charlie & The Chocolate Factory', 'Project: Assassin', 'F.I.S.T' and many more.

'If this film had been made in the 70's Tarantino would have cited it as an influence.'

Mike Leeder, IMPACT Magazine

'Sets a Whole new standard for digital video production. the UK movie scene just got its butt kicked!'

Dean Meadows, VENGEANCE Magazine

'Knocks the socks off anything the US can produce.'

You can buy 'Left For Dead' online now from priced around $14. (Click HERE To Go Direct To The Site)

You can find out more about 'Left For Dead' online at

You can find out more about Modern Life? online at

Tartan Asia Extreme Trailer
28 Sep 05

View Trailer for Tartan Asia Extreme 2005 season

Windows Media: click here Real Media: click here QuickTime: click here

Featuring R-Point, Abnormal Beauty, Tell Me Something, Another Public Enemy, Another Nite in Mongkok and Vital across 12 UK cities! More Info

Silverhawk - News
27 Sep 05

Michelle Yeoh's latest release in the UK hits the DVD shelves on Monday 26th September. Based on a Xiao Ping comic book, Silverhawk features former bond girl Michelle Yeoh as the masked martial arts superhero. The support cast include Luke Goss and Michael Jai White. Direction comes from Jingle Ma (Tokyo Raides, Hot War) and the film features cutting edge CGI and Hong Kong stuntwork. The Momentum Asia DVD features a DTS / DD5.1 Cantonese audio with English subtitles, with several extras and a crisp anamorphic print

click here for Silverhawk competition

Double Impact - Competitions!!!
26 Sep 05

MIA and Momentum Asia are offering up two exciting new releases on DVD for all UK visitors at You are just simple question away from winning!

Silverhawk - starring Michelle Yeoh - click here to enter

Young and Dangerous trilogy boxset - click here to enter

Asia Extreme Festival
25 Sep 05

Tiger Beer have teamed up with Tartan Asia Extreme and UGC Cinemas to bring this year's Asia Extreme Festival. With showings across a number of UK cities and six great films to choose from, this is not one to miss. The showings run from September to November 17th. - Full Listings - click here

New HK DVD / VCD Retailer
25 Sep 05

For all fans of HK Cinema, there is a UK based trader now open for business! HKCinema Club specialise in all Asian DVDs / VCDs and include plenty of rare US and Asian titles (as ever, make sure you play Region 1 / Region 3 DVDs)

Visit HKCinema Club -

Utopian Pictures announce Tough Justice
24 Sep 05


Utopian Pictures is a new and exciting independent production company based in the United Kingdom specialising in the creation and development of low budget genre films. Existing as a self contained, 'film factory' generating each individual project from script, through to final cut and ultimately screen, Utopian Pictures is the brainchild of acclaimed short filmmaker, Peter Hallett, (The Stone In The Sword ) and cult movie expert, Dean Meadows, editor and publisher of Vengeance - The X-Treme Movie Magazine


Tough Justice is the first feature film project from Utopian Pictures featuring a cast of highly trained Martial Artists, Stunt Performers and Professional Wrestlers! High octane martial arts, Hong Kong style choreography, quirky dialogue, and grindhouse gore scenes combine to create the best British low budget genre film ever! Guaranteed 100% hard hitting action!


On the run from the mob after their parents are brutally murdered, hot shot British agent, Marvin Quinn and his younger sister are placed under protection and relocated to the peaceful city of Urbane in the North of England. Unfortunately, Quinn is double crossed by the very person entrusted to help him and Urbane is not all that it seems... The entire town is run by Ezekial Slade, a dark and sinister criminal mastermind involved in drugs, money laundering, prostitution, slave trade, and the local protection racket! Slade owns the town and everything in it...

When his sister is kidnapped, Marvin Quinn must work for Slade as a deadly assassin hired to take out the business competition in a ruthless, kill or be killed, no win situation. Quinn must battle through a ballistic barrage of blood thirsty martial arts masters, with his ultimate goal to return to Slade's lair, save his sister's life and bring justice to Urbane... but in Ezekial's town there can be only one winner!

Starring: Dean Meadows, Peter Hallett, Marie Ganley, Heather Hallett, Mark Strange, (Batman Begins) Eleanor James, (Forest Of The Damned) Glenn Salvage, (Left For Dead) Katarina Waters, (Welcome To Hell)

Visit Utopian Pictures for more information! - click here

Out now in Cinemas!
24 Sep 05

It is a bumper weekend for Asian titles to hit UK Screens. Howl's Moving Castle

Look out for Howl's Moving Castle on Nationwide release , from Spirited Away director Hayao Miyazaki. Another spell-binding release from Studio Ghibli. You can catch Japanese or English audio version (English voices include Jean Simmons; Christian Bale; Lauren Bacall; Blythe Danner; Emily Mortimer; Josh Hutcherson and Billy Crystal)

Official Website - click here

On limited release there is also Derek Yee's excellent One Night in Mongkok (Daniel Wu) and Abnormal Beauty from director Oxide Pang

Site Maintenance!
23 Sep 05

After the Guestbook was not working for possibly 12 months or more, I have now fixed the problem! - Click here to use Guestbook

Thanks to Mr A Shah of Elephant and Castle for letting us know - have a beer on us!

Paul -

DVD Reviews - Ong-Bak and Brotherhood out now on DVD!

Hong Kong Legends have hit two aces with their Platinum Edition releases for Ong-Bak: Muay Thai Warrior and Brotherhood (Taegukgi). Both are already considered classics after their recent international release.. The great news is that they are hitting the shelves in September 2005 with two brilliant double-disc editions. If you buy two Asian movies this year, these are the ones to get!

Brotherhood (Taegukgi) review - click here

Based on the Korean War, this title features two brothers who are torn apart by the conflict. Set against a spectacular backdrop, this is a spell-binding story with some of the best war sequences ever committed to film

Ong-Bak: Muay Thai Warrior review - click here

Ong-Bak is a raw and exhilarating look at a Thai hero's quest to recover his village's Buddha statue. Featuring the latest action star to emerge in the East, Tony Jaa, there is a blend of brutal action and hilarious stunt sequences to ensure this is a must see title!

DVD Review - Fist of Fury (TV)

There is good reason why Donnie Yen is nothing short of a living legend in Hong Kong. His work on the Fist of Fury TV series (1995) secured his immortality with a massive ratings hit. Tai Seng UK are now releasing the cropped feature length version in the UK with dual language options and audio commentaries from Donnie Yen and Robin Shou

Fist of Fury (TV) review - click here

Industry News - Zhang Ziyi and Daniel Wu

The Chinese press carried an official announcement of Zhang Ziyi's next film, titled "The Night Banquet."  It is a loose adaptation of Hamlet directed by Feng Xiaogang, who last directed "A World Without Thieves."  It will also star Zhou Xun and Daniel Wu, among other big names.

Read more here -

HKCinema Exclusive - RED TROUSERS

In a major exclusive for HKCinema we have managed to interview Robin Shou on his work - RED TROUSERS - LIFE OF THE HONG KONG STUNTMEN - on release from 22nd Aug 2005 from Tai Seng UK - read more

Review - RED TROUSERS - Life of the Hong Kong Stuntment - Click Here

UNLEASHED at Cinemas Today
19 Aug 2005

Catch Unleashed at cinemas in the UK from 19th August onwards on general releaseUnleashed Trailer - Windows - Real - Quicktime

Visit Unleashed Site - click here

Vengeance Magazine - Vol.2 No.4 - Now on Sale
11 Aug 05

Vengeance - The X-Treme Movie magazine is back with yet another issue bursting with blood, guts and gore for over 18's only!

Discover the frights and delights of Brain Damage films, the very best in totally bizarre Takashi Miike madness and the legendary erotic terror-fests of Jean Rollin! Plus, exclusive in-depth interviews with cult action heroes, Michael Worth, (US Seals 2) Gary Daniels, (Fist Of The North Star,) Hong Kong superstar and director Simon Loui, (Escape  From Hong Kong Island) Brit-kicker and independent movie producer Mark Strange, (Displaced) stunt action specialist, Angela Meryl, (Kill Bill) and Britain's baddest adult movie star, the awesome Donna Marie! All this and so much more in Vengeance Vol. 2 No. 4... It's uncut, it's uncensored and it's on sale now!

For further information, please visit the official Vengeance website at

Site Update - New Top 10s added
10 Aug 05

New Top 10s added to all three sections:

Top 10 Movies: click here

Top 10 Stars: click here

Top 10 Fights: click here

DVD Review Update - Running Out of Time - Tai Seng
10 Aug 05

Tai Seng UK have now released artwork and DVD details for their HK thriller Running Out of Time - Andy Lau and Lau Ching Wan. The disc will feature an anamorphic print with English and Cantonese language options. There will also be exclusive interviews / commentary from the French scriptwriting duo of Julien Carbon and Laurent CourtiaudDisc will be on general release in the UK - 22nd Aug 2005

HKCinema review - click here

Site Update - UK DVD Releases
10 Aug 05

Now including all the exciting new UK releases over the coming months

Highlights include - Fist of Fury (Donnie Yen) / Running out of Time - Tai SengBrotherhood / Chinese Ghost Story 2 - ContenderInfernal Affairs 3 - Tartan

UK Releases - click here

HKCinema Competition - Unleashed Posters up for Grabs!!!!
27 Jul 05
We have two Unleashed Posters up for grabs available to all martial arts fans!

All you have to do is enter the quiz page and answer two simple questions to have a chance of winning. (Competition closes 17th Aug and UK Postal address required).

Enter Quiz Page - click here

DVD Review - Iceman Cometh - Hong Kong Legends
25 Jul 05

Hong Kong Legends have released the long awaited Region 2 remastered classic - The Iceman Cometh. Starring opera buddies Yuen Biao and Yuen Wah, this is an excellent late eighties tribute to Highlander. Featuring swords, guns and plenty of kicks, this is one of the strongest titles to come out of HKL recently.

Iceman Cometh Review - click here

Screen Comparison (Hong Kong Legends and Media Asia disc) - click here

Upcoming Release - Unleashed (aka Danny the Dog)
21 Jul 05

Unleashed, an action drama written and produced by Luc Besson (La Femme Nikita, The Professional), and directed by Louis Leterrier (The Transporter), headlines international martial arts superstar Jet Li (Hero), who is joined in the film by Academy Award winner Morgan Freeman (Million Dollar Baby), Bob Hoskins (The Long Good Friday), and Kerry Condon ( Ned Kelly ).

UK Release Date - 19th August 2005 (Cert 18)

Trailer - Windows - Real - Quicktime

Site of Interest - Shaolin Chamber
08 Jul 05

Stumbled across this site today and it absolutely rocks. Not only does it contain the normal set of news / reviews / articles, but also a massive archive of Shaw Brothers posters and some amazing Wallpapers for PC and Mobile!

Visit the Shaolin Chamber - click here

DVD Review - The Doll Master
07 Jul 05

Optimum Asia continue their hectic release schedule with this horror movie from Korea. Featuring a wheelchair bound doll maker and a bunch of unsuspecting youths, this promises to be a weekend they will never forget!

The Doll Master was released 20th June as a Region 2 PAL disc

The Doll Master review - click here

Industry Reviews - The Times
05 Jul 05

The Times (The Eye) ran a superb feature last week on Stephen Chow and his megahit Kung Fu Hustle. An interview and a some sound reviews provided excellent coverage for one of the best films to come out of Hong Kong in recent years.Sadly, this was all let down by a sloppy article on the history of martial arts in movies. If you only have 500 words, try and get the basics right at least. (I'm pretty sure that Enter the Dragon was not a Shaw Brothers movie). I'm not sure whether the outrageous errors or shocking omissions are worse. But I thought I would let you decide for yourself!

Everybody Was Kung Fu Filming (25th July - The Eye - Neil Queen) - Click Here

Any Comments -

Upcoming Releases - Artsmagic
05 Jul 05

Artsmagic have released the artwork for several of their high profile releases this summer. Expect these DVDs to be original language, with decent subtitles and packed with extras! Only Onibi is currently slated for a UK releases, but all three will be available from US retailers by the end of August

EM - Embalming : Shinji Aoyama (US release - June 28th)

Onibi - The Fire Within : Rokuro Mochizuki (UK release + US release - July 26th)

Wild Life : Shinji Aoyama (US release - August 30th)

New Site -
05 Jul 05

Filmnight is the online arm of the Filmnight / Apollo Group UK. Offering a full range of DVDs and instore offers, this is another welcome entrant into the world of online retail. DVD delivery is Free. My personal pick is Sammo Hung's - The Victim for £5.95 in the old school kung fu saleOld School Kung Fu Sale - click here - click here

New Site -
04 Jul 05

LoveAsianFilm is a new site that specialises in news, reviews and features on all sorts of Asian movies. Run by Gary Cheah in Malaysia, this website is currently looking for reviewers and news hunters to supports its development. - click here


For old news - please visit the NEWS ARCHIVE


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