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Armour of God

Armour of God
  • Made: 1986
  • Format: DVD (Region 2)
  • Release Date: 22/01/01
  • Company: Hong Kong Legends
  • Length: 94 mins
  • Picture: Widescreen
  • Language: Cantonese & English
  • Extras: Interview, Trailers, Picture Gallery
  • Classification: 15



Jackie Chan, Stanley Kwan and Eric Tsang


Jackie Chan, Rosamund Kwan, Alan Tam, Lola Forna.



Armour of God film saw Jackie Chan take over direction of the project about halfway through, after sacking Eric Tsang (who starred alongside him in the 'Lucky Stars' films). Armour of God is a Hong Kong film attempt to make an 'Indiana Jones' style movie with Jackie Chancast as 'Asian Hawk' a Chinese adventurer who goes in search of ancient relics and in particular the eponymously titled 'Armour of God'.

The movie opens with Hawk stealing the 'Sword of God' from an African tribe. Then in an attempt to complete their set of armour an evil religious cult kidnaps Jackie's ex-girlfriend (Rosamund Kwan). Alan Tam plays Asian Hawk's childhood friend who now goes out with his ex. Both he and Jackie Chan are on the mission to save Rosamund, and at the same time steal back the other pieces of the armour. The action takes place in Europe (in Spain I think) with the film taking advantage of a series of different locations. Actually for any of those who have seen a few of Jackie's other 1980s movies you'll recognize the sets from 'Wheels on Meals' and also Operation Condor (the sequel to 'Armour of God'). This film also sees the return of the Lola Forna from Wheels on Meals - as Jackie has admitted "...she was the only European actress we knew.".


The action in the film is a bit of a mixed bag, it goes from the alright to the absolutely amazing. There are less stunts than other 1980s Jackie films. However considering Jackie Chan nearly killed himself early on while attempting a 'simple' stunt jump from a castle wall onto a tree, it is little wonder he missed out on a few of them. This accident was one of Jackie's worst injuries, as he fell out of the tree and onto the rocks beneath he ended up fracturing his skull and rupturing his ear drum - he still has a hole in his skull to this day.

There is also not a huge amount of fighting through the film. It is all really building up to the massive, massive ending as Jackie takes on a whole monastery of the evil monks. As finales go it is pretty hard to beat Armour God, the fight with 4 high kicking black women. This scene makes the whole film worthwhile. Originally scripted for Cynthia Rothrock (Shanghai Express and Above the Law) it demonstrates all of Jackie's talents for really fast paced fighting against multiple opponents.

All in all this is a good film that is mainly reliant on the final few scenes. Don't worry if the film does not appear to be going anywhere at first, hang on in there till the end of the film and you will be rewarded. It is well worth seeing and is considerably more exciting than most of the American Martial films I have seen. I would recommend this films as a good example of Jackie's films from the 1980s . Wheels on Meals and Police Story are probably better, but Armour of God is good nonetheless.


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The disc is of the high quality expected by Hong Kong Legends, both languages are available and the picture and sound quality are superb.